The Benefits of Hiring Recruitment Agencies for Your Job Search

benefits of hiring recruitment agencies

Recruiters are looking for suitable candidates for vacancies in one or more companies. Based on a job description, they search for suitable candidates via their website, network, job fairs, sites and social networks. When a recruiter finds a potential candidate, he or she reviews the curriculum vitae, the motivation letter […]

Top 10 Ideas for Recruiting Great Job Candidates

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If you want to gain a significant competitive advantage, you must use strategies that are superior to those of your competitors. The principle that you have to act differently when recruiting means that to successfully attract the best talent in your industry, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition […]

5 Myths About Recruitment- Uncovered!

recruirment agecy in gurgaon

Employing Recruitment Agency for hiring new recruits can be a very effective way for organizations, companies and start ups to expand their team in an efficient manner without spending extra time in sourcing numerous resumes and screening a huge list of candidates. Recruitment agency that has professionals on board should […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

recruitment agencies in delhi india

Recruitment agencies in India are a firm that works for both employers as well as job seekers. Such firms are different from both the parties and only work as middleman to provide the necessary professional support to both sides. These Recruitment agencies in Delhi work by sourcing talent that is […]

5 Ways Recruitment Agency Find Candidates

recruitment agency in india

As most will agree that running a company, business, organization, start- up or brand is never an easy task and what makes it even tougher is the constant process of employees shifting their jobs leaving you with the task of finding a new one before their work piles up. A […]

7 Ways How Social Media is Changing the Face of Recruitment

social media change the face of recruitment

Recruitment Agency all across the job seeker market is facing a tough time with the age old methods of recruitment. A report by a 2014 U.S. News and World Report suggests that job boards are still a popular source of recruitment but only about 15% of the job seekers were […]

How to Select a Staffing Agency in India for Your Business?

staffing agency in india

The employees of an organization make or break its name; therefore it is extremely important to hire the best lot for your organization that works towards building your name. But the selection of an appropriate person for the right position is a difficult task. This is the reason that many […]

Gurgaon- City to End Your Job Hunt

recruitment agency in Gurgaon

When we look at present stats regarding job reposition to NCR, Gurgaon is one of the most prominent emerging sectors to witness increased level of opportunities in various organizations. With each year of millions of students passing out from different streams and institutions, competition is on the fray with a […]

10 Reasons Why Hiring Managers are using Recruitment Agencies Again

Hiring Managers have a great deal of importance in a company because they are the most sought after people who carry out recruitment in the organization but the term ‘recruitment agency’ hasn’t been at ease to their ears. However, owing to recent competition, direct online application platforms and a complex […]