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India is fast becoming a developed nation from developing. This changing transition is leading to new amendments in the job sector too. While the Indian population has already witnessed a huge surge and is still growing beyond limits, it is an important factor to influence current trends in the job market. Our country’s major sector is agriculture but the second most important proportion is contributed by service industry. The existence of the global giants in this sector like Telco, Reliance, Wipro et al spell the development story to the world. The dominance of the sector has been acknowledged worldwide acceptance due to its unimaginable contribution in the offering of goods and services to distinct parts of the country and beyond.

Service industry in India mainly includes financial, banking, business outsourcing, research and development, information technology, insurance and nonfinancial segment and we are witnessing huge development in this area which is rising at a fast pace because of their contribution to the Indian economy. Apparently, demand for recruitment agencies has started increasing owing to fulfilment of job seats because placement concerns offer recruitment solutions saving a lot of time and money of the company.

Netcreative mind is not just about employment but it goes beyond satisfaction and job security. Being a reliable brand in itself, our commitment and trust spells its value. We have an expansive experience of over 15 years in providing human resource management solutions in information and technology when you need employment. With each passing year and over 1000 completed projects, the company has successfully established its presence felt even in the remotest parts of India. Therefore, we make resources available to every business achieve goals in a short period of time. It is important to state that our local representative network in India is leaving no leaf unturned to hunt for the best talent available in market.

We have a stern filtration process of each candidate because of our background verification process and compliance to authentication protocols that suit each organisation and its corporeal code of ethics. Companies which needs seasonal employments or manpower for short-term contractual basis can fulfil their needs because of the massive arena of our candidate listings in each of their categories. That’s why the over 250 Govt projects show the versatility and commitment the agency has shown from various locales and areas proving to be a milestone in every quarter of the nation.

Team selection handling and processing is also one important factor of a key recruitment drive by Netcreativemind. A company needing only top ranking officers or managers from top order can always get in touch with us for a favourable response. To tap the best and most desirous candidature from the market, our decade long experience adds to the procedure because we try to select the candidate that is serious about his job offer and will be part of a longer period in the organisation.

At the company, a candidate can always face priorities and objectives once he manages interview rounds set up exactly in conformity with international standards that expose the job seekers to improvise on learning skills, shortcomings and polish their language commands alongside necessary skill development. Sometimes people find it a little hard to crack an interview, but the motto of netcreativemind is to provide a true picture to the seeker and make him ready for his next course of action.

There are some job agencies that goof up something irrelevant and invaluable just to run a business but at netcreativemind, we work as per international standard to maintain quality code. Since we provide major job fillings in the IT sector, we do have specific rounds of interview. The cross examination can stretch from two rounds to even further. During interview, one stage is basically of the written test comprising of multiple choice questions, while the next one relates to machine test. The last significant round is of course a technical one that could have a volley of information exchange, practical questions and solution provision to a set of problems. These interviews make a candidate versatile in his approach and accept challenges relevant to face in life changing situations when opportunity strikes them.

We have a very helping staff that coordinates and communicates in a very positive manner to handle each request of job outsourcing company in a proficient manner. Ours is a setup that is complacent of needs of the global clients we are serving which is why we have an ever growing network of skill development across the country.

In simpler terms, Netcreativemind is an international platform for searching and procuring the most sought after talent in the information and technology forum and which provides a global environment to enshrine the profile of every job seeker which suits and protects one’s interest and future too.

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