Hiring for Indian Electronics Industry and Electrical Jobs in India

Indian Electronics Industry

Points to be noted down while recruiting for Electronics Industry for several electrical Jobs in India:

To understand requirement in simple terms it is understood as a process of searching for obtaining application jobs, among from whom the right people can be selected.To define recruitment we can characterize it formally as it is a process of finding and attracting proficient candidates for work.

The Important points are as follows:

The general purpose of recruitment is to provide a pool of potentially qualified job candidates; therefore the purposes are as follows:

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of various recruiting technique and sources for all types of job applicants.

2. Increase the job of job candidates at minimum cost.

3. Help increase the success rate of the selection process by reducing the number visibly under qualified or job application.

4. Help reduce the probability that job applicants once recruited, will have the organization only after a short period of time.

5. Being identifying and preparing potential job applicants who would be the appropriate candidate.

6. Increase organization individual effectiveness in the short term and long term.

7. We have to look after the organization’s legal and social obligation regarding the composition of its workforce.

8. Determine the present and future requirement of the organization in conjunction with personnel planning and job analysis activities.

Indian Electronics Industry

Today we can see there is the rapid growth of the electronics Industries which bring 150 Billion jobs. Some of these are skill-based giving an opportunity to not only work in the retail space but also for self-employed entrepreneurs.

Let’s take a look at the recruitment process which brought change in 2014 related to Indian electronics Industry.

1.Use of Social Media– Now Social Media has become a great tool for hiring and almost every type of industries having to depend on it. If we talk about the electrical industries, their work is online and it can give detailed insights of the candidate. Around 70% companies use Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn Google, YouTube for source talent and to post jobs. Therefore social media is a great tool for hiring employees.

2.Employee Engagement– It is a major focus and strategic initiative for HR to increase productivity, retention and talent attraction. There is a big involvement of diversity in electronics jobs which need to be addressed. The heightened importance in the field of electronics is creating opportunities for young workforce and providing them with the right environment and salaries package.

3.Retention of Employees– The talent of the candidates for the different electrical jobs can make or break a company’s policies. Their ethics and attitude can influence a client retention rate to the core and Therefore HR need to make sure they stay as long as they can and company aspects.

If you are running an electronics company and you require best-qualified candidates for the different types of jobs, we are here to help you with best suited and qualified candidates. We are working with many clients like SERVOSTAR which is one of the leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India to provide them best candidates for the position which they require.

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