How is social media changing recruitment process?

social media in recruitment process

In the second decade of 21st Century, the recruitment process is changing as the technology has changed. Now a job seeker and a recruiter need to recognize these important changes as Social media has forced a change in so many ways. It is an invaluable marketing tool for big and small businesses and also an invaluable recruitment mechanism. No doubt, it has also changed organizations recruit talent to fill job vacancies. According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) the world’s largest HR professional society, 85% of organizations are now using social media.

Many HR teams have reported that the main reasons for choosing social media are to reach out the target candidates with specific skills. Apart from it, there are also several reasons to not use social media for recruiting candidates, like concerns about legal risks, not enough HR staff time, and about the veracity of information given by the candidates.

However social media has built an empire for recruitment business. There are so many sites which are most likely to be used by candidates and HR Teams. In this article, we will describe how companies are choosing social media to recruit the candidates. Meanwhile, candidates are also choosing social media to know about the Job vacancies. That is changing recruitment process at present time.

Recruitment strategies from business to business:

Earlier, most of the company used to approach a recruitment agency to handle their recruitment process. Along with it they used to get advertise their post in newspapers or in magazines, in-house banners or boards. However some companies are still using these approaches, despite the prevalence of social media.

Some companies advertise jobs on their websites, these are the websites which allow job searchers to create a profile, upload a resume and apply for the job which is listed on the website.

social media in recruitment process

There are also very useful tools for job seekers that called job search engines; through this method an applicant can search any number of jobs at once. These are the kinds of recruitment strategies that have been used by candidates. Hence, there is no getting around the fact that jobs are going to be advertised at different places. As a job seeker or recruiter, one needs to change their approach for job searching and take this into account. Because it is the kind of revolution in hiring process due to modern trends which shows that more than 85% people and companies are choosing social media for getting employed or recruiting the candidates.

It is definitely a shift in how companies are choosing social media to recruit the candidates:

This revolution has come in recruiting process through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Quicker and other search engines like Indeed,, Monster, Shine, Times Job and even through blogging sites as well. Many Companies have their own page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and are now posting jobs over there. Therefore it has become mandatory & beneficial for the candidates to follow company’s page on Twitter and Facebook. Candidates can receive job notifications as soon as they post about their job vacancies.

Apart from it, LinkedIn has become a major source for companies to recruit candidates. As a company, it is the best choice to have a LinkedIn page, because this is the where the top people are now searching for work. LinkedIn is not only for people to network professionally but it is also for jobseekers. Through this platform you can follow people or company that you are interesting in and also link to their networks to take part in industries discussions. For this process you also need not to visit their websites as there are Mobile Apps available for each social media sites.

Meanwhile as per the recent survey LinkedIn is followed by 96% people, Facebook by 78% and Twitter followed by 63% people. In fact, the push to use social media has prompted 78% of the organizations surveyed to optimize their recruiting tools and 85% candidates are using social media for seeking jobs.

Basically the main changes which have happened in recruiting process due to social media, now employers are posting their job vacancies on different social sites. Employers are moving away from using newspapers and job boards, as of now they are using social media platforms for recruitment process. Although many employers are using social media to screen and vet potential candidates. It is very effective tool, but there is also meant a lot of embarrassment from many candidates, who don’t keep an eye on content posted over their social media pages due to lack of knowledge of privacy settings. But social Media has taken some of the guess work out of recruiting candidates, and it has made a rather large professional world. Therefore we can say that social media is changing recruitment process and it has already covered almost 85% as per the recent survey.

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