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e-Farmers Direct Benefits Transfer System

FDBTS is an attempt to enhance the mechanism of transferring subsidies launched by Government of India. This program aims to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank accounts. It is hoped that crediting subsidies into bank accounts will reduce leakages, delays, etc.

FDBTS is a web based system that includes the complete life cycle of a Farmers Subsidy transfer process, beginning with online submission of application to beneficiary selection, disbursement, monitoring, MIS Reports and Grievance Management.

Objectives of FDBTS

  • To provide a centralised platform for farmers to apply for subsidy online.

  • To provide Loan services and Subsidy support at the farmers door steps or nearest to the farmers.

  • District wise farmer’s details.

  • User friendly web portal for layman farmers.

  • To reduce the gap between the farmers and department.

  • Anytime anywhere data availability through mobile app of the same.


To know more about e-FDBTS

Components of FDBTS

Farmers Application Management
This module will help Admin/Farmer’s to manage the farmer’s Application details district wise with type of Purchase.
Targets Management
This module will help Admin to manage the targets defined by departments.
Vendors Management
This module will help Admin to manage the vendors and Items for which and rate on which the vendor is engaged.
Lucky Draw Management
This module will help department to draw applications against the targeted values district wise. There will be no. of criteria to pick an application e.g. total land with the farmer, In case applicant is Ladies special wattage will be given, on category (Gen, SC, ST etc.) base etc.
Subsidy Management
This module will help to manage three different types of applications, where admin need to provide/ manage subsidy of below type.
  • TYPE-1: Applications where farmer will pay only his/her share to department.
  • TYPE-2: Applications where farmer is going to take loan from Bank to purchase the item.
  • TYPE-3: Third list is for self-finance farmers, where subsidy needs to transfer direct in farmer’s account.
Orders management
This module will help Admin/Vendor to manage orders. Venders will manage orders that are generated by admin or Farmer. There is only one case where admin need to place order to registered venders. As department receives the cultivator share in their account, Admin can raise order to the defined vender for the delivery of the items.
Bill Management
This module will help Admin/Vendorsto manage the bills. Venderswill be able to generate bills in predefined format against orders. Admin will be able to request to vendor to raise bill for the order. Status of Bills can be tracked through this module.
Verification Of Applications
This module will help district users to update the verification status in the system. User will be able to view applications in their district, Scrutinize & Verify/Reject the status of the application.
Update Inspection Report
This module will help district user to update inspection status after the delivery/procurement of item under valid schemes.
After Sales Service Management
This module will help vendors to manage the details of after sales service. Vendors will manage products delivered by him and services provided by them to beneficiaries after sales.
Online Application Process
This Process will ensure that Government Schemes for farmers is publicly available and the eligible person will avail the Subsidies facilities by filling the application online.
Status Tracking
This module will help user to track status of the applications by providing reference number. User will be able to track the exact status of the application.
Reports Generation
This module will help department, Vendors, District Users & Inspection Agencies to view different reports based on the available data. There will be up to 20 to 35 reports depending on the data.
Login Panel
This module will provide access to secure login panel to department, Vendors, Farmers, District Users & Inspection Agencies
SMS Alerts Module
This module will help system in sending SMS alerts to all stakeholders on initiation of any activity by the stakeholders. There can be different events where SMS alert/Notification needs to be sent by System or User.


  • Farmers Has Complete Freedom on Choice (Brand / Company) of Materials.

  • Middlemen will be eliminated. Hence leakages will be reduced.

  • As Aadhar card is based on biometric identification, fake & duplicate beneficiaries will be eliminated.

  • FDBTS scheme allows time-bound transfers hence avoid delays in transferring money, which is one of the biggest problems beneficiaries are facing.

  • This scheme eliminates intermediaries and rents for ‘fair price shops’ because subsidies and benefits of welfare schemes are transferred directly. This will help Indian economy in the long run as the structural expenditure will be reduced.

  • The problem of food grains storage and spoilage in the process can be eliminated.

  • Transparency in the distribution of benefits.

  • Circulation of money will be increased, which can lead to a significant increase in the GDP.

  • As everyone can purchase goods at market price, there will be healthy competition between the sellers in the market. The problem of middlemen diverting subsidized grains to markets will be eliminated.

  • It encourages people to have bank account.

  • It will help India to transform itself into cashless economy.

Major Step of Online Process

  • Schemes management by department.
  • Online Registration of beneficiaries
  • Selection on the type of material (Brand)
  • Selection of purchase type
    • Self-Finance
    • Bank Finance
    • Only Cultivator Share
  • Selection of beneficiaries through electronic lottery
  • Online verification of the eligibility of selected beneficiaries.
  • Alerts & Reminders to beneficiary by department
  • Deposit cultivator share.
  • Self-purchase equipment.
  • Purchase equipment through Bank
  • Material supply by the manufacturer
  • Verification of material by Department (Agriculture) and third party
  • Online Bill Generation by the manufacturer.
  • Payment to Manufacturer and online Status check of payment
  • Alerts, Reminders and Status check
  • After Sale Service
  • Registration of complaints and their disposal.