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“Any vehicle which is to be used for carrying goods or passengers for Commercial purpose essentially requires the permission (permit) of State Government under the provisions of M.V. Act, 1988 and rules framed there under. Permits are issued by State Transport authorities to control and to regulate operation of commercial vehicles.”
The business process of permitting is increasingly moving online, spurred on by demands from citizens who want governments to adopt some of the simplified online interactions now common in the business world. e-Permit is a web-based solution that includes complete life cycle of different types of permits provided by State Transport Authority or Regional Transport Authority.


  • STA Permit

  • It will allow State Transport Authority to publish all vacant and occupied routes by route code. Applicants will be able to apply online for a particular route with available time slot.

  • RTA Permit

  • It will allow Admin to publish different types of RTA permits e.g. BUS, Auto Rickshaw, Maxi Cab, School Bus, tourist Bus, Charted Bus etc. Applicants will be able to apply online for a particular permit type. RTA will be able to view the applications received.

  • Permit Application Status

  • Applicants will be able to check for the status of applications by providing vehicle no.

  • Calling Objections

  • Before providing any Bus permit to applicants, STA/RTAs will be able to publish call for objections. Anybody having objections with timing or other objections will be able to submit their objections online.

  • Other Services

  • This module will help the applicants for other e-services e.g. Change of Name, Change of Vehicle, Surrender/Cancellation of Permit, Transfer of permit, duplicate permit etc. Applicants will be able to apply any of the service online and track the status of their applications.

  • Reports Generation

  • The module will help STA/RTA to generate/view different types of graphical & analytical reports in printable & downloadable format.

  • Online Fitness Applications

  • This module will help applicants to apply online for the fitness checkup of their vehicle. An automated reference number will be generated and appointment will be fixed. Applicants will pay the fees online.

  • Auto Alerts & Reminders

  • This will send auto s & reminders to STA/RTAs/Applicants on different actions performed by the stakeholders. E.g. on successful submission of applications, on approval of application, on expiry of permit etc. s & reminders will be send by email & SMS.

  • Counter Signature for Other State Vehicles

  • This module will provide the facility to applicants for applying counter signature of other state vehicles.

  • Payment Methods

  • There will be multiple payment options, where applicants will be able to pay online by Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking, offline by Challan etc.

  • Integration with state Vehicle Registration Database

  • This will help the system to get details of vehicle & owner details from the vehicle registration database. System will auto check & validate the details e.g. vehicle is registered under commercial registration, registration is valid etc.

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Benefits for Authority (STA / RTA)

  • Ensure transparency in the day-to-day management and administration.

  • Save paper through automation process.

  • Hassle free process.

  • Cost effectiveness by reduce workload of officials.

  • Simplifies the Management Process by moving to an online platform.

  • Ensure the security of the application from all kind of vulnerability & unauthorized access.

  • Permit Process will be faster and reliable.

  • Reduces Manual Intervention.

  • More Analytical & Graphical data will be generated from system.

  • Expedite the process of modernization for a more efficient, vibrant and productive road transport management system in the State.

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Benefits for Citizens

  • Transparent process consequently increasing confidence of citizens.

  • Reducing multiple visits & queues of citizens.

  • Can access the application from their place.

  • Facility to pay fee by multiple modes.

  • Alerts & reminders system for citizens.

  • Faster, reliable and simplified process.