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e-Proposal Submission & Monitoring System

Submissions of proposals are very often a tedious affair. Proposals which are submitted goes through not only a complex and tedious process but often the scrutiny of many individuals of different roles. Hence, it is important that any automation envisaged goes through a meticulous exercise to achieve the same. ePSMS aims to provide an online proposal submission mechanism, improving the traditional and physical methods of submission. Such system allows proposal submission to be more efficient and greater accuracy. Online submission provides electronic copy of proposals, which has many benefits over traditional physical copy submission of proposals. With the implementation of e-Proposal Submission & Monitoring System, one can be subjected to the same accuracy as traditional means without compromising on quality whilst adhering to the same process workflow.
ePSMS is a web-based system that includes the complete life-cycle of a project, beginning with online submission of project proposals for funds, to monitoring and management of funded projects

Key Features

  • Online Registration

  • It will help General users to register themselves online for submission of proposal.

  • Proposal Submission

  • It will help registered users to submit their proposals online.

  • Proposal Assignment

  • It will help Administrator in assigning shortlisted proposal to concern Division/Committee for further action.

  • Proposal Processing

  • It will help Departmental Users to process the proposals assigned by Administrator.


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Online submission of project proposal for funds,to monitoring and management of funded projects,our e-PSMS handles the complete life-cycle of the project.

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Key Benefits

  • Increased Transparency

  • Cost Effective

  • Improved Usability

  • Increased user base

  • Better Flexibility

  • Analytical Data

  • Secured System

  • Increase in Quality

  • Better Efficiency in Delivering Services

  • Improved/Increased/Enhanced Customer

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e-PSMS replaces the existing manual system of project funding wherein the Project Investigators (PI) submit hard copies of proposals, which are presented to a committee and based on the recommendations of the committee the proposals are further processed in the department. It has a One-Go Dash-Board to see the projects from initiation to completion. IT reduces the total processing time of proposals and aids easy dissemination of project information

  • Fund Saction/Release

  • It will help concerned Department to generate sanction order and release finds in due course, as per milestones defined once approved by the competent authority.

  • Proposal Management

  • It will help registered users to manage their submitted proposal online and will be able to update progress status on regular basis.

  • Project Proposal Monitoring

  • It will help Administrator/Departmental User to monitor Proposal progress on regular basis.

  • Email/SMS Module

  • It will help system in sending e-Mails, SMS alerts to users.

  • Discussion Forum

  • It will help Committee Members to initiate discussion before providing recommendation on any proposals.

  • Feedback Management

  • It will help Department in collecting feedback from registered users.

  • Report Generation

  • The module will help all stakeholders & Department Users to view/ generate different type of analitcal/graphical reports printable and downloadable in pdf format.