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The purpose of e-Recruitment is to make the processes involved more efficient and effective as well as less expensive. E-Recruitment can reach a larger pool of potential employees and facilitate the selection process. Our e-Recruitment software and systems are available as a standalone application, product suites and services.

Key Features

  • Requisition
  • Create fully customizable processes, configurable multi-path workflows, capabilities for job postings and a library of screening questions. We got it all covered in our e-Recruitment software so that you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Job Portal
  • The job portal is accessible to HR, support staff and hiring managers. It allows for management of candidates, applications, résumés, etc. It is compliant with ADA, WCAG, and Section 508 guidelines. It is both accessible via social media tools and integrated with leading industry partners.

  • Tracking
  • Automated applicant communication and online portfolio review; individual and group email function; reviewer identification for each posting; and guest user accounts for online applicant review.

  • On-boarding
  • This feature offers options for automated delivery of orientation documents as well as the functionality to create, sequence, assign and track on-boarding tasks.

  • Reports/ Notifications
  • It provides the generation of defensible audit trails and reporting of all changes, classification, employee certifications, requirement, customizable reports etc.

Key Features

Are you a Recruiter?

Then our e-Recruitment software is the solution for all your needs.It complements your internal HR and recruitment teams, reduces dependencies on recruitment agencies and brings down the overall cost.

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