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Our highly scalable and configurable e-Tribunal is developed to record all the judicial information and monitor the progress of cases beginning from case registration, till it is disposed-off with judgment or forward to higher court. It enables moving from traditional paper-based case filing to automation of the entire case life cycle. e-Tribunal provides a complete set of functionality including e-filing appeals, petitions cases etc, workflow management, Fixation of case, preparing cause list and reporting.

"Applicants can file their appeals/petitions, view case status and full case history from anywhere with internet connectivity in just a few clicks"


  • E-filing

  • Applicants can register their appeals, petitions etc. online from their place.

  • Information available

  • The main advantage of e-Tribunal is that the entire information bench schedule, hearing dates, orders, judgments and full case history of a particular case would be available online.

  • Easy access

  • With the help of internet, the documents of a case can be accessed easily from anywhere at any time. It will help to manage tribunal resources more efficiently.

  • Better management

  • Easy to manage schedule of bench members, preparing cause list, and providing information to applicants. It will also speed up end-to-end tribunal process.

  • Data keeping

  • The information would not be misplaced as all the information regarding the case would be carefully recorded and stored.

  • Cost Effective

  • Adapt rapidly and cost effectively to changing legislation and business processes.


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Our e-Tribunal solutions will help you maintain the details of cases and manage cases- Area wise, Court wise, Branch wise,stage wise etc. It will reduce your paperwork and easy your life. We’ll be the alibi for that.

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Key Features of e-Tribunal

  • Court Management

  • It will allow the administrator to manage different types of courts e.g. Regular court, e-court etc.

  • Member Management

  • Ability to manage detail of members, dates, bench wise.

  • Better management

  • Easy to manage schedule of bench members, preparing cause list, and providing information to applicants. It will also speed up end-to-end tribunal process.

  • Employee Directory Management

  • This will help Application admin to manage i.e. Add/Remove/Update the Employee contact information.

  • DAK Management

  • This will help the admin to have tracking and tracing of incoming and outgoing cases orders & notifications.

  • e-filing

  • This will help applicant to file online appeals with feature to upload required documents.

  • User Management

  • This module will help administrator to Add/Edit/Delete information of all Users like Application Admin, Bench admin, Appeal Clerk, Bench Clerk, Order Clerk etc.

  • Bench Management

  • It will allow administrator to add/edit/delete different Bench cities. Administrator will be able to add/edit/delete benches in a particular city (e.g. A, B, C etc.). Update the schedule of benches e.g. Functional or non-functional.

  • Appeal Management

  • It will help Appeal clerk to manage all details related to appeal, Update the status & Actions taken on Appeal.

  • Cause List

  • This will help bench clerk to generate, bench wise cause list.

  • Defect Management

  • Appeal clerk & Bench clerk will manage the Defects related to Appeals, fees etc. like check & Generate defect notices, Update status, printing & emailing of defects to Assess.

  • Fixation of cases

  • This module will help the admin to update the Fixation status of the cases

  • Hearing of cases

  • This will help Bench Clerk to update the information related to the cases heard.

  • Case Order Management

  • This will help the order clerk to prepare pronouncements, Orders, judgments etc. update dispatch details of orders.

  • Report Generations

  • This will help the admin to generate various kind of reports from the system like Cause Lists (Bench-wise, Daily, Weekly), Case Status (Bench-wise, Search by name, number, filling date, etc.), Constitutions (Bench-wise, Daily, Weekly), Tribunal Orders, (Bench-wise, Search by name, number, filing date, order date, pronouncement date, etc.), Pronouncements (Bench-wise, Daily).