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Local Representative Office

Local Representative

The key to running a successful business abroad is by finding a good local partner who understands the market and knows the work culture. They should be able to represent your product as you did in your home region. A local partner can help you deal with foreign bureaucracy, legal compliances and anticipate situations that can cause risk. But most of all, the local representative should be trustworthy and reliable.

Here are some of the functions of our local representative office

  • Lower Sales Costs

  • Establish business relations and act as a local representative for foreign companies

  • Reinforce the International position of companies

  • Provide Customer Support

  • Act as a liaison office during a negotiation deal

  • Supervise the activities of its main headquarter’s local agents and distributors

function of our local representative office

Being an established CMMI Level 3 company at the capital of India, Delhi, we have the local knowledge to setup your business in Indian Market. We understand the requirements of different businesses and offer customised services accordingly. You can save time and cost of conducting market research and use our experience to get quick results. Our local office can be used as your own for meetings when you visit for business negotiations. We can take care of all your need to get an immediate access to the Indian market.

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Why Choose NetCreativeMind as your Local Representative in India

cmmi level 3 company

CMMI level 3 Certified Company

We are a 15 years old company which has extensive experience in handling Government projects as well as other clients in the private sector. We have won Capability Approval certificate from STQC for the development of websites. All our processes are intact and delivered on time to our satisfied clientele.

office in capital city

Office in Capital City

Our main office is located at the heart of India, New Delhi. Being the capital, we are equipped with the best facilities including transportation, communication and highly qualified professionals. Being in the centre of business industry can offer a rewarding boost in marketing and sales. New Delhi can be the best location for opening branch office in India.

legal compliances

Legal Compliances

Being in the recruitment and outsourcing field, we have an understanding of all the legal compliances and labour laws of the country. We can act as a coordination branch and make sure all the legal guidelines are fulfilled so that they don’t cause any complications in the future and ensure a smooth work environment.

negotiations and Translation of documents

Negotiations and Translation of Documents

Language is not a barrier for us in developing relations with foreign clients. All documents can be translated and a translator can be provided for meetings.

marketing & business consultancy

Marketing and Business Consultancy

Get immediate access to the Indian market with us. Our marketing and sales team can conduct market research for your product by targeting the right audience and help increase your sales. We will guide you through every step and help you make the right decisions suitable for the Indian market.

24/7 tech support

24/7 Tech Support

We are extremely customer-focused in assisting our clients 24/7 over voice, chat, Skype, E-mail etc. We offer the highest level of technical support by deploying world-class communication systems. You can contact us anytime over any of the media mentioned above.

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