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Accessible Mobile App Development

Accessible Mobile App Develpoment

Whether you are developing a mobile website or mobile app for tablets or mobile phones, we can help you ensure that your iOS, Windows and Android applications are accessible for people with disabilities and meet the Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, ADA compliance, WCAG 2.0 by W3C and Americans with Disability Act by Department of Justice accessibility requirements.
Many mobile app users have different abilities that require them to interact with their mobile devices in different ways. These include users who have visual, physical or age-related limitations that prevent them from fully seeing or using a touchscreen, and users with hearing loss who may not be able to perceive audible information and alerts.

Accessibility is provided by modern mobile operating systems for helping these users navigate their devices more easily, including text-to-speech, haptic feedback, gesture navigation, trackball and directional-pad navigation, but having an accessible mobile OS doesn’t mean that every app developed for this platform will be automatically accessible. Making accessible apps means developing products which are compatible with the existing assistive technologies available for each platform.

NetCreativeMind Solutions takes all platforms for accessible mobile app development and our expert team builds their own accessibility solutions , which can provide enhanced usability features such as audio prompting, physical feedback, and alternative navigation modes. Our Accessibility solutions can provide these enhancements for all applications, a set of applications or just a single app.

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Why Choose us for developing accessible Mobile Apps

cost-effective mobile strategy

Cost-Effective Mobile Strategy

We integrate requirements for mobile accessibility into your style guide and mobile app development requirements. The mandatory compliances and requirements are prioritized before the recommended but unwanted compliances.

accessibility audits

Accessibility Audits

We conduct in-depth analysis of the app before development, provide regular demonstration and feedback, and guide you on every step of the process to make the best decisions. You can trust us on making highly compatible, innovative and robust applications and provide timely delivery.

On-Device Testing

On-Device Testing

The mobile app is tested on a smartphone and validated by our team of developers and people with disabilities. This ensures the optimum level of accuracy during the testing phase since simple source code analysis only covers a fraction of issues.

supported platforms

Supported Platforms

We work on popular mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows as well as mobile web content as rendered on the device. Each platform has a complete library of automated and manual accessibility practices updates and maintained as per client’s requirement.

accessibility compliances

Accessibility Compliances

This is the area where you can trust us as we ensure that your mobile app follows every important guidelines and compliances. We follow Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WCAG 2.0 standards by W3C, ADA by Department of Justice, America, and GIGW compliances for Government projects.

Stand out in the app market with your accessible mobile app.